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The queen of Christmas is back to decorate! Since I am in the middle of a move this year, I decorated my bedroom at Sharrah and Tyler’s new house in Tulsa to be my personal winter wonderland. While the rest of Sharrah’s home is a hunter green, Ralph Lauren theme, I diverged from the theme in my room. I went with a white glam look this year, and I think it turned out just magical.

The Windows

When you walk into my bedroom at Sharrah’s house, you are greeted with some amazing symmetry – two windows with a grand fireplace in the middle. I knew I wanted to play off of the symmetry going on, so I placed matching wreaths in the center of both windows with candles on the window sill below.

The Mantle

I decorated the fireplace’s mantle with flocked garland and ribbon and balls that paired back to the Christmas tree in the room. Then, I added a few figurines of reindeer and trees on top of the mantle. You should always try to have a focal point above your fireplace, whether it be a television, a piece of art, or in my case, a mirror! Unfortunately, the fireplace doesn’t work, but I simulated the look of fire by placing several candles in the fireplace.

The Tree

Last but certainly not least, my white glam Christmas tree! Since this was my room, I went more feminine on this tree. I used a boa in place of garland and placed an elegant swan at the top for my tree topper. Then, I hung frosted, clear, and gold balls to fill the tree. Remember, place your balls deep inside the tree, so you don’t have any holes, and you catch a twinkle of something at every angle! To finish the tree off, I placed icicles at the tips of the branches. This tree is opposite the bed and is the perfect thing to look at as you drift off to sleep!

Shop Our Christmas Decorations

If you got to the end of this post and are wondering if you can shop our Christmas decorations this year, you’re in luck! The majority of our decorations from this year and year’s past are all from Shinoda Design Center. Shinoda is a wholesale design center that you typically can only buy from if you have a design license. For our lovely followers, they offer an exception!

Follow these steps to sign-up for an account with Shinoda:

  1. Fill out an online contact form on the Shinoda website here:
  2. On the Form Under “Tax/Vat Number,” please write in DESIGNSESSIONS
  3. Ignore the email with activation instructions asking you to fill out physical paperwork
  4. When you have completed the form, please email to activate your account

Happy decorating! If you upload any photos of your Christmas decor on Instagram, make sure to tag us, so we don’t miss it. Click here to see Sharrah’s full Christmas house tour.

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