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Window treatments can add so much to a room! Even in a house where the casements surrounding the window are predominant and you may be afraid to cover them.

In my new home in Tulsa, I recently installed window treatment panels that lay stationary on either side of the two windows that face the front of the house. It is precisely the type of home in which one might be afraid to cover the casements because they are beautiful, but also can steal the show.

Take a look at the pictures of what my living room looked like before and what it looks like now that I’ve added the window treatments. 

I like that I chose stationary panels because then they stay put and their purpose is to elevate the room rather than to cover the window. This means that that they always look perfect! The only downside to stationary window treatment panels is that they require some sort of privacy shade added.

Over the years, in my design practice, I have installed Serena Smart Shades by Lutron in nearly every home I’ve designed. Now it’s my turn and sure enough, I had the Serena Smart Shades installed in my home not only in the living room but the sunroom and music room as well!

Now I no longer feel like I am living in a fishbowl in fact with the Lutron app, which works with Alexa and other smart home devices, I’m able to open and close my blinds by a simple voice command from the comfort of my own chair!

I find myself sitting in my living room, what I now call my cozy space, warming up next to the fireplace in the morning. In the evenings I enjoy a glass of wine, a good book, and a private concert from my invisible pianist simply by saying “Alexa, turn on goodnight”.

Privacy, comfort, and seclusion all in one simple command!

Simple, yet complete.

My favorite aspect of my Serena Shades is being able to see through them during the day. I chose a shade that is not completely black-out but the color is black. They are simply stunning with my new design! This allows light to filter into the room but provides protection from harsh sun rays on my newest addition to my home – my coveted concert grand piano. Complete with an invisible man who doesn’t ask much of me, certainly not to cook, and doesn’t leave his socks on the floor. He just plays me all of my favorite tunes! It is so nice to have the peace of mind that not only is my new piano protected, but I feel safe and secure knowing I can dawn the privacy shades at any time.

Each and every shade is motorized and they synchronize perfectly.  It is incredible to me how easy they are to use. Whether I’m using the Pico remote or giving a command through Alexa, they work seamlessly every time. I’ve been adding this element of luxury and comfort for my clients for 20+ years and now I get to experience the same. I can keep privacy when I want it and simply say “Alexa, turn on goodmorning” when I’m ready to greet the day and watch every shade open up at the same time. Click here to learn more about Serena Smart Shades by Lutron.

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