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Hopefully, if you’re here you have the same level of obsession with pillows as we do! Isn’t it one of the best feelings to add another beautiful pillow to your pillow collection? But then how exactly do you style your pillow collection, so your pillows look their best in your home? Luckily, we’ve arranged a lot of pillows in or a lifetime and are here to share all of our tips and tricks with you! Hopefully, you snagged one of our Kinwoven pillows from our Wheat Collection because boy do those look stunning on a sofa! 

Here are our top five tips for styling your throw pillows so can up your pillow game:

Go Up One Size for Your Fills
There is nothing worse than a pillow that looks a little flimsy. The trick to getting full and lovely looking pillows is to get an insert that is 2” bigger than the pillow cover. For example, if you have a 20” pillow get a 22” fill. This makes your pillows look super full and cozy! If your pillow is still a little lacking, put two pillow fills inside of one pillow cover for a really fluffy pillow.

Look at the Big Picture of the Room
Your throw pillows should add to the overall feel of your room. Make sure your pillows are speaking back to the room they are in. This is why we always suggest having a neutral base when it comes to your throw pillows. This is also exactly why our very first pillow collection is a solid set of neutral pillows! This allows you to build on them as your style or as the seasons change!

Ensure Every Pillow is Visible
You spent time and money picking out your throw pillows, so don’t hide them! Make sure every pillow is layered in a way that each one can still be seen. If a pillow is covered too much by the pillow(s) in front of it either rearrange or take a pillow out. This is the fun part! Make an arrangement, step back, look at it and play around until it feels just right.

Don’t Go Overboard
We hate to say it, but there is such a thing as too many throw pillows! Don’t overload your sofa with too many pillows that they need to be moved around just to sit down. Same goes for your bed. Don’t put so many pillows that they cover almost half of your bed. Less is always more!

Can’t get enough throw pillows? We have an entire Design Session dedicated to helping you learn our principles for decorating with throw pillows (yes, that’s 55 minutes of nothing but pillows)! Click here to join the Design Sessions community where we teach members how to be their own designers!

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