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When the new year comes around, most of us think it’s a “fresh start” and our homes are no exception. If you haven’t heard, we believe a beautiful home has the power to change your life and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to step into that.

We get this question every year: how do I decorate my home after the holidays?

Here are a few quick and easy tips you can use today to get things feeling fresh after the post-holiday teardown!

1. Let Your Holiday Choices Inspire You

Did you move your furniture around into a new arrangement that you ended up loving? Or maybe you really enjoyed the fullness of your holiday window decorations. Not everything has to go back to exactly how it was before the holidays. Use this time as an excuse to change things up a bit in your home!

2. Embrace the “Fresh Winter” Vibes

It’s not Christmas anymore, but it is still Winter! That means that you can still have all that coziness that we bring in during the holidays, but make it clean and crisp in the New Year. Think plush blankets, warm candles, and deep woodsy greenery.

3. Enjoy the Neutrals

This is the best time to really hone in on your favorite neutral pieces. Neutrals give you that “fresh start” feeling and are always the best base for building upon during the rest of the year. Think of neutrals as your decor building blocks. After the holidays, but before spring is the best time to enjoy a clean slate

4. When in Doubt, Accessorize

The number one reason people question how to decorate after the holidays is that things can feel empty or lackluster after Christmas’s magic comes down. This doesn’t mean you need to redo your home entirely, but adding in new pieces or rearranging things you already have can bring the joy back into your space.

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