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Raise your hand if you have a throw pillow obsession like we do? We cannot get enough throw pillows! Whenever you add a new pillow to your collection, we’re sure you start off with the best intentions to keep your pillow as beautiful and clean as possible. But then life happens!

A crumb from a delicious home-cooked meal, mud from your dog’s paws after a nice session of throwing the ball at the park or an unknown sticky substance from your kid’s fingers will inevitably land on your pillow. That’s life! But don’t worry, Kinwoven has got your back!

When life does happen, here are our top tips for getting your pillow beautiful and clean again! 

Our Top Tips for Caring for Your Throw Pillow(s):

  1. Use Chemical-Free Soap
    To ensure that your pillow doesn’t get any discoloring, we suggest using a mild, chemical-free soap when washing your pillow.
  2. Do a Spot Test First
    Always do a spot test with whatever soap you decide to use in an inconspicuous area of the pillow first.
  3. Only Wash Your Pillow Cover When Absolutely Necessary
    A pillow, unlike clothing or bedding, does not need to be washed regularly. Only wash your pillow cover when absolutely necessary to help it maintain its best form.
  4. Spot Clean Your Pillows As Soon As You See a Stain
    It is best to take action as soon as you see a stain on your pillow(s). Dip a cloth in a water and mild-soap mixture and blot the stain. Rinse out the soap by dipping another cloth in just water, and then allow your pillow to dry completely before putting it back on your sofa, bed, or where it lives in your home.
  5. Hand Wash in Warm Water
    When you do decide your pillow needs a deeper clean, remove the fill from your pillow cover and hand wash it in warm water with a mild, chemical-free soap.
  6. Hang Dry
    Once your pillow is nice and clean, hang it to dry completely before putting its fill back in it.
  7. Fluff the Pillow to Retain Its Shape
    When your pillow cover is completely dry, place the fill back inside of it and fluff the pillow to retain its full, fluffy shape.
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