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There’s a good amount of the Kinwoven Fam that love the vibrancy and freshness that our little green friends bring into our homes. Houseplants have become a beloved part of the Kinwoven aesthetic, and we’re not quite sure how we lived without them before! But when it comes to decorating for Christmas – we go full transformational. So we get this question a lot – what should you do with your plants when decorating for Christmas? Here are our top tips:

1. Incorporate Them as They Are

If you happen to fall into the Boho or Scandinavian Design Style, then embrace all your plant babies for Christmas time too! Live plants go hand-in-hand with these design styles and will help keep the festive decor in line with your overall style.

2. Think Creatively About Where They Fit

Maybe one plant doesn’t fit in with the color scheme while another one will. Could you swap plants from different rooms? While decorating in our Tulsa home this year we found that a light green plant just didn’t fit in with our rich color palette for the holidays, but we had a dark green rubber plant in the office that seemed to go just fine! So we brought the dark green plant out into the living room and let the light green one hang out in another room unseen. Don’t be afraid to test things out!

Now, if you aren’t a Boho or Scandinavian style person and your plants just don’t seem to fit in, then you may want to move on to tip 3. Also if you’re not sure what your Design Style is, then you can take the quiz here to find out!

3. Move them

This may sound like the most obvious answer, but for those of us that really love our plants it can be a hard pill to swallow! If your plant seems out of place when the Christmas decor goes up, then consider your other options for it. Is there a room that won’t be decorated for the holidays that they can hang out in? If you’re going for a very Traditional Style in Christmas decor then you may be one of those that finds it necessary to move your plants. But it’s only for a short season!

Bonus Tip: Get More!

Not the tip you thought you were looking for? Poinsettias, Christmas cactus, paperwhites, and rosemary are all very popular plants to grow indoors during this season and they go perfectly with Christmas decor. Bringing in seasonal plants is a great way to keep your home feeling alive and grounded while not impeding on the Christmas look.

If you’re really a fellow plant-lover we’ve got 3 Design Sessions dedicated to making your outdoor spaces beautiful. The Design Sessions are where we get to teach you the in-depth principles and elements of great interior design. Click below to learn more!

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