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A great aroma can change your perception when you walk into a home for the first time. We love for our homes to smell great all year long, but there is something extra special about having a cozy, warm scent that envelopes our guests during the fall and winter seasons. This time of year gets us so excited to light up our favorite candle and begin planning holiday festivities!

Whether you have friends and family coming over soon or are spending a cozy evening at home, here are our top picks for candles during fall and winter. Click the candle you’re interested in adding to your home this holiday in the image below to be taken to its landing page!

1. Leaves by Bath & Body Works
There is no way around it: this has become an iconic fall scent. It is definitely our go-to. With warm clove and apple, it is the perfect blend of spicy and not-too-sweet.

2. Spiced Cider by Capri Blue
Our other spicy go-to scent that blends together cinnamon with berries and vanilla. An all-time favorite.

3. Cider Lane by Bath & Body Works
If you’re into scents that get your guests asking “what are you baking?!”, then this one is for you. It smells like fresh, crisp apples and caramel cooking on the stove.

4. Hearthside by Capri Blue
With a more woodsy feel, this scent is a crowd-pleaser. Everyone seems to like the richness of cedar and pine that has just enough vanilla and amber to make it deep.

5. Fresh Fall Morning by Bath & Body Works
This candle has been livening up the Kinwoven Home this year by bringing a citrusy scent that is still harvest-inspiring with apples and sage. It makes the house smell fresh AND gets us in the fall mood!

6. Harmony by Casa Luna
Brand new to Target, Casa Luna, has caught our eye! We love this candle because there is also a room spray and oil diffuser in the same scent. There is nothing better than being able to coordinate the smell of every room easily! Harmony is a unique scent that is slightly woody, slightly spicy, and a wee bit floral.

7. Fig by Hearth & Hand
Sweet and a little spicy, we love that this scent comes in an adorable brass jar. You almost don’t want to burn it because it’s so cute!

8. ‘Tis the Season by Bath & Body Works
This scent smells exactly how we envision Christmas: festive and sweet! ‘Tis the season is for the people that LOVE Christmas, but don’t want the strong, in-your-face balsam scent that is popular during this time of year. It smells like a little fruity, a little cinnamon-y, and a whole lot of joyful.

9. Tinsel & Spice by Capri Blue
Just what you might picture from the name, Tinsel & Spice is another culmination of the holidays. With a deeper and more woody scent, this candle is great for evenings of coziness spent under a soft blanket.

10. Marshmallow Fireside by Bath & Body Works
This scent is like all the coziness of roasting smores without the heavy smoke smell. It’s subtly sweet and woodsy and reminds us of the best parts of a crackling fire.

Sharrah &Rebecca

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