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I couldn’t be more excited to have a staircase this year! After all of the “small space” decorating I’ve come to master I got so excited dreaming up what to do with this space in our new home. It’s the first thing that guests will be greeted with when they enter and it deserves to make a huge statement. Here’s how we decorated our staircase this year and my 7 tips for you as you decorate yours!

1. Choose Your Garland Pattern

There are so many ways to put your garland on! Straight across the railing, sweeping swags, at the bottom of the staircase, so many options! Don’t be afraid to try a couple and see which you like best!

2. Secure Your Garland

If you’ve already watched our entryway & staircase video from this year, this is where things got scary as my mom was cutting ribbon to tie the garland on with. Why oh why did I give her the scissors?! Ribbon, as opposed to floral wire, is a great way to secure your garland to your staircase and not have to worry about scratches.

3. Bring on the Lights!

When in doubt, always add more lights! We know that sparkly lights make everything more magical for Christmas and we’re not afraid to double up on them. This year, you’ll see not only did we use a pre-lit garland but we also added fairy lights!

4. Start With Your Focal Point

This year we started our focal point with a beautiful big bow and then added in picks, grapevine, and other little ornaments. You want your focal point to be the first thing your eye comes to and you want it to make a statement!

5. Add Mini Moments

Your mini moments are going to be small versions of your focal point. They keep the interest throughout the entire design.

6. Assess If You Can Add a Stand Alone Moment

Since our new entryway in Tulsa has so much room we added in an adorable vignette to the side of the stairs. Look at our little family of bears and their tree! Don’t they just complete the picture?

7. Fill In With The Fun Stuff

The last step is to back and make sure your mini moments are full of charm. Be sure to take a little bit of the elements of your focal point and sprinkle them through each mini moment.

We’ve also got 19 sessions of Christmas content on the Design Sessions to give you more in-depth tips and tricks to really step up your decorating game! We’re passionate about helping you make your home beautiful and the Design Sessions are where we really get to do just that!

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