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The Kinwoven Way (2)

Our 8-Step, easy-to-follow process for creating a life-changing home.

Over the last 30 years, we've received thousands of requests from people wanting to learn our process. So we took everything we’ve learned about designing homes and packaged it into a process we call The Kinwoven Way.

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We believe in the life-changing power of a well-designed home. Because our expertise and passion is helping you achieve that, we've boiled down our process and design principles that we know will get you there.

The goal is to be surrounded by a space that inspires you AND supports your life functionally. Whether you're a Weekend Warrior or ready to dive into custom design, we've got the blueprints to equip you to be your own designer.

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A note from Rebecca & Sharrah

As a mother and daughter team, we understand "your dream home" can mean different things to different people in different stages of life. We also know turning your space into a home you love can be daunting, so we have taken everything we've learned over the last 30 years as Interior Designers and turned it into easy-to-follow content you can use to confidently tackle any project. We've built an audience of over 2 Million people around the world by sharing our knowledge and we hope you'll join us as you embark on a journey to become your own interior designer.

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